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उच्च आवृत्ति हिल स्क्रीन
उच्च आवृत्ति हिल स्क्रीन
उच्च आवृत्ति हिल स्क्रीन
उच्च आवृत्ति हिल स्क्रीन
उच्च आवृत्ति हिल स्क्रीन
उच्च आवृत्ति हिल स्क्रीन

उच्च आवृत्ति हिल स्क्रीन

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SY series of high frequency vibrating screen is designed for accurate grading or sieving of wet and dry materials up to five fractions in one operation. It benefits from major advances in sieving technology providing large improvements in sieving accuracy, capacity, noise levels and upgrading compared with traditional spring suspension separators.

1. उच्च दक्षता, परिष्कृत डिजाइन, अवधि, किसी भी पाउडर और श्लेष्म का उपयोग करने के लिए उपयुक्त हैं।
2. Easily replace traditional screen, simple operation, easy clean.
3. No jam screen, no powder flight, filter size between the factors of the grid, powder 500 mm.
4. Discharge the impurity and coarse materials automobile and operates continuously.
5. Unique screen flame design, long duration, only 3-5 to replace screen.Small volume, move easily.
6. Maximum layers of the screens can be reached to 5 layers and 3 layers are often suggested.

आदर्शEffective diameter for sieving (mm)प्रभावी छलनी क्षेत्र (एम2)स्क्रीन मेष आकारपरतपाउडर (किलोवाट)
कंपन मोटरआम मोटर
SY-400Φ3400.09072-500 जाल1-50.18--
SY-600Φ5400.22892-500 जाल1-50.250.75
SY-800Φ7300.41832-500 जाल1-50.551.1
SY-1000Φ9000.63592-500 जाल1-51.11.5
SY-1200Φ11000.9492-500 जाल1-51.11.5
SY-1500Φ14001.53862-500 जाल1-51.52.2
SY-1800Φ1700226872-500 जाल1-543
SY-2000Φ18862.79222-500 जाल1-543


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