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KNB-S सीरीज सब-माइक्रोन बीड मिल
KNB-S सीरीज सब-माइक्रोन बीड मिल
KNB-S सीरीज सब-माइक्रोन बीड मिल
KNB-S सीरीज सब-माइक्रोन बीड मिल
KNB-S सीरीज सब-माइक्रोन बीड मिल
KNB-S सीरीज सब-माइक्रोन बीड मिल

KNB-S सीरीज सब-माइक्रोन बीड मिल

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Silicon carbon anode, cathode materials, polishing fluid (alumina, zirconia, cerium oxide, etc.), graphene, color paste, printing ink, electronic ceramics, etc.

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What is bead mill?
Wet grinding bead mill is a kind of machine for ultra-fine processing of solids in liquids. High energy input through the grinding media to create strong shear and impact force to dispersing, disaggregating and homogenizing the particles in the slurry.


What is the benefits?


How to select a agitator bead mill, KEY points?
A. Flow rate of bead mill determines how long time the particles stay in the grinding zone,which affects the fineness of particles, output and particle size distribution.
B. Linear velocity of rotor determines the intensity of kinetic energy that transffered to the grinding media which affects the grinding efficiency, fineness of particles and wear loss of grinding media. 12-16 m/s is the generally operation speed.
C. Grinding media size selection is a key point, usually it is 1000 times of the target particle size. In theory, smaller the diameter of the beads is, more the contact point exists with smaller particle size achievements. However, It still depends on many factors like initial particle size. We need to choose the correct beads to fit different grinding requirements.
D. Generally, the grinding media filling rate is higher, the grinding efficient is higher. And the range of filling rate is around 75%-90% according to the viscosity of products. If too much higher will cause sieve blocking and high temperature problem.
E. Bulk density of grinding media-higher the bulk density will create stronger shear and impact force in the movement , better grinding efficiency it is.
F. Gap of separation screen is usually 1/2-1/4 times of the grinding media diameter. If the particle initial size is much bigger, it may block the sieve, hence, we need to consider two stage grinding process.


Comparison between bead mill and ball mill


● The whole system controlled by PLC and industrial computer,to realize the intelligent process control from raw material feeding, pre-mixing, ultra fine grinding ,filtration, iron-removal,spray drying and canning pack.
● Interface touch screen display and monitor the running status of the whole system.
● Pre-setting different grinding program recipe to realize switch grinding process easily.
● Automatic store and analysis the running data
● High precision sensors and gauges keeps the stability and safety operation
● To save labor cost, improve efficiency and create more benefits to our customers

सामान्य आवेदन - पत्र
New energy_Lithium-ion battery, lsilicon carbon, graphene, carbon nanotubes, alumina membrane slurry, PVDF membrane slurry, etc.
Powder_Alumina, Zirconia, Silicon Carbide, Titanium Dioxide, Calcium Carbonate, Silicon Materials, Cerium oxide, Zinc oxide, Barium Titanate, MLCC, Boron Nitride, Boron carbide, magnetic materials, etc.
Chemical_Automotive coating, furniture paint, anticorrosive paint, special paint, color paste, ceramic ink, UV ink, glass ink,offset ink, cosmetics, pharma , food, agriculture and others to provide a complete set of solutions.

Automatic production line platform




● Adapt to 0.1- 0.2mm grinding meida,suitable for ultrafine grinding above 100nm.
● Rotor design according to fluid mechanics and simulation,the gap between rotor and vessel is 7-12mm to guarantee.
● High efficiency and narrow particle size distribution.
● With large surface screen separation system to prevent blocking problem.
● Cooling system design according to principles of helical stereo thermal and fluid mechanics to guarantee effective temperature control.
● Advanced mechanical seal technology to prevent the loss of leakage.
● Pressure and temperature automatic safety protection device.
● Optional products contact material to meet different grin ding requirements.
● Touch screen or PLC control panel, easy for operation. 



आदर्शसक्रिय मात्राPower
बैच का आकार
मीडिया का आकार
KNB-S-0.3L0.3L2.20.3-50.1-2.060500 * 450 * 650
KNB-S-0.5L0.5L5.51.5-100.1-2.01701020 * 780 * 840
KNB-S-0.6L0.6L5.51.5-100.1-2.01751020 * 780 * 840
KNB-S-1L1L5.53-200.1-2.01901020 * 780 * 840
KNB-S-3L3L115-1000.1-2.04001300 * 900 * 1750
KNB-S-6L6L18.520-2000.1-2.05501300 * 900 * 1750
KNB-S-10L10L2230-3000.1-2.013001300 * 900 * 1750
KNB-S-25L25L3775-10000.1-2.017001900 * 1500 * 1700
KNB-S-30L30L37 / 4580-10000.1-2.019001900 * 1500 * 1700
KNB-S-60L60L75 / 90200-20000.1-2.036002100 * 1650 * 1900
KNB-S-100L100L110300-40000.1-2.056002400 * 1650 * 2200
KNB-S-150L150L185500-60000.1-2.068002600 * 165082300
KNB-S-400L400L3551000-100000.1-2.0105004000 * 1900 * 2900

तकनीकी डेटा
● Initial particle size: <100um.
● After ground: 0.1- 10um.
● Solvent: water-base,oil-base.
● Viscosity:<40000CPS
● Grinding media size: 0.1- 2.0mm
● Rotor material: Zirconia, Silicon carbide, Tungsten Carbide , PU, Alloyed steel.
● Inner vessel material: Zirconia, Silicon carbide, Tungsten Carbide, PU, Alloyed steel.


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